Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa – A Chance Encounter (Hangul and Romanization)

Title: A Chance Encounter

Artist: Jung Yonghwa

Album: N/A

*he sang this in the drama Heartstrings

어쩌다 마주친 그대 모습에
Eojjeoda majuchil geudae moseube
A chance encounter, your face

내 마음을 빼앗겨 버렸네
Nae maeumeul bae agyeo beoryeone
stole my heart

어쩌다 마주친 그대 두눈이
Eojjeoda majuchil geudae dununi
A chance encounter, your eyes

내 마음을 사로잡아 버렸네
Nae maeumeul sarojaba beoryeone
grabbed my heart once again

그대에게 할말이 있는데
Geudae ege halmari ineunde
I have something I want to tell you

왜 이리 용기가 없을까
Wae iri yongiga eobseulgga?
but why don’t I have the courage to say it?

음 말을 하고 싶지만
Mareul hago sipjiman
I want to say something

자신이 없어
Jasini eobseo
I have no courage

내가슴만 두근두근
Nae gaseuman dugeun dugeun
My heart is beating

답답한 이 내마음
Dabdabhan i nae maeum
frustrated by this feeling

바람속에 날려보내리
Baram soge nallyeo bonaeri
I will let it fly away

바보 바보 나는 바보인가봐
Babo babo naneun babo ingabwa
Fool, fool, I must be a fool

nboachie4 (youtube)


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