Cube Entertainment Company Roster

Subsidiaries: Starline Entertainment

Current Artists:

B2ST (Boy Group)
AJ (Kikwang)
Yang Yoseob
Yong Junhyung
Son Dongwoon

BtoB (Boy Group)

Choi Daehoon (Actor)

CLC (Girl Group)

Heo Kyunghwan (Comedian)

HyunA (Solo Female)

Jang Hyunseung (Solo Male)

Kim Kiri (Comedian)

M4M (Boy Group)

Na Jongchan (Actor)

Park Minha (Actress)

Pentagon (Boy Group)

Roh Jihoon (Solo Male)

Seo Woo (Actress)

Trouble Maker (Co-Ed Duo)

Former Artists:

4minute (Girl Group)
G.NA (Solo Female)
Heo Gayoon (4minute)
Jeon Jiyoon (4minute)
Kwon Sohyun (4minute)
Mario (Solo Male)
Nam Jihyun (4minute)
Oh Yeri (Solo Female)
Rain (Solo Male)
Shin Jihoon (Solo Female)
Young Jee (Solo Female)

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