This blog will be on posting kpop lyrics 🙂 feel free to request a song.

Lyrics are usually done in Hangul, romanization and English form for Korean songs, Kanji, romaji and English translation for Japanese songs and Chinese, pinyin and English translation format for Chinese songs. If songs are not in this format, please be patient, I will take the time to fix these songs 🙂 Also, if there are no translations for the song, it means I can’t find any (yet! Please help me if you can lol). I can only translate Chinese.

Also, I’ll be doing profiles, for groups, solo artists, duos, you name it!

A little primer on positions:

Leader – usually a company assigned position (often the oldest member), they usually initiate greetings or acceptance speeches and well, lead
Vocalist/Dancer/Rapper – self explanatory, but Main > Lead > Vocalist/Rapper
Visual – the most beautiful/handsome member BY KOREAN BEAUTY STANDARDS (USUALLY set by the company)
Face of the Group/Center – USUALLY BUT NOT ALWAYS the most popular member, the one that pops into your head when you hear the group’s name, the middle in dance formation/photoshoots most of the time
Maknae – the youngest member (idk why it’s a position lol)

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