Help translate/color code!

I know this is a bit much to ask, but if anyone is willing to help translate some of the songs without translation, I would really appreciate it!

I need help translating Japanese and some Korean stuff, only for the songs where I can’t find an English translation online. If you could translate a song you can just comment it on the song page (or here) and don’t worry, I’ll credit you!
Also, you could just link a translation you find online, but please let it be legit and not a google translate copy-pasted translation.

As for color coding, I don’t exactly color code so what I mean is if you could help me put the individual parts for groups which again I couldn’t find online or couldn’t code myself.

I’m sorry to say I won’t be paying or anything haha but I would just like to help because I know that some people out there are also curious to some translations/parts. Thank you❤


Songs that need English translation from KOREAN

Kim Hana – I’m A Little Weird
Lee Yoonjong – Smile Again
Pink Toniq – Help Me My Love!
Run – I Called You
Yoon Jungsoo and Kim Sook – You’re the Boss

Songs that need English translation from JAPANESE

Infinite – Bad (Japanese Ver.)
Infinite – For You (Japanese Ver.)
Infinite – Standing Facing Each Other (Japanese Ver.)

Songs that need individual parts

AFOS – How’re You Doing
Apple Mango – I Love You, I Want You, I Need You
Double S 301 – 21 Gram
Double S 301 – Dirty Love
Double S 301 – Pain
Double S 301 – Saxophone
Double S 301 – Sorry, I’m Busy
Fly to the Sky – Evasion
Heritage and Jonghyun – Your Voice
History – Wild Boy
Kim Hyunjoong ft. Double K – Break Down
M Signal – Give Me A Smile
M Signal – I Don’t Know
Oh Wonbin and Miss $ – Falling from Before
Sechs Kies – Couple
SEVENTEEN – Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
SG Wannabe – Arirang
SG Wannabe and Kim Jongwook – Going Against Fate
U Sung Eun ft. Baechigi – Be OK
UNO – Our Sad Younger Days
Urban Zakapa – No Way
Lee Dongwoo and Orphee Noah – Definition of Love
Yoon Dohyun, Reddy, G2, INLAYER, JOHNNY – Nightmare