Comment here for requests!

(I’ll only be doing profiles)


31 thoughts on “Requests!

  1. Hello!!
    I’m actually here not for requests but I really want to tell you that I’m thankful for all the lyrics that you made!!
    I really like how you arranged the lyrics!!
    If you don’t mind please continues to make more lyrics (especially seventeen,ioi and wjsn songs lol)


  2. Hi, I just wanted to tell you thanks for your amazing site, for all your profiles and all your lyrics, I also wanted to say that I saw a good youtube channel that you might like, watch it if you want ! Thanks !!!!!

  3. This isn’t technically a request, but I just wanted to inform you, to hopefully that you change it as soon as possible, that Donghyuck from NCT last name is “Lee”, and not “Kim”. So, it should be “이동혁” in hangul. Even when I was watching “NCT Life in Bangkok”, it introduced him as “Lee Donghyuck”, and not “Kim Donghyuck 🙂

  4. Hi, i want to request profiles for Bulldok and Viction.
    I have a question too. In Lovelyz’ profile you wrote that jisoo is main and mijoo is lead rapper but I never heard one of them rap. Where did you take this information from?

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